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Senior Leadership in the Faculty of Medicine – Dr. William Miller

Dr. Miller recently took part in UBC Faculty of Medicine’s one-on-one interview series on senior leadership. As the Associate Dean, Health Professions, Dr. Miller shares his personal outlook on leadership and teaching.

– “What quality do you most admire in a leader? “

 WM: “Integrity. A leader may have great vision, but if they do

                  not actively demonstrate core values that people can

                  relate to, they will never have a strong following. “

Click here to read the full interview with Dr. Miller.

Delphine Labbé Receives Multiple Travel Awards

Congratulations to Postdoctoral Fellow, Delphine Labbé, on receiving a CIHR  –  Institute Community Support travel award as well as a travel grant from the CAG Legacy Fund to attend the IAGG 2017 World Congress in San Francisco, California.

At the IAGG  2017 World Congress, Delphine will be presenting her paper:

“A longitudinal perspective on power mobility use by older users.”

“Wheelchair Skills Assessment and Training” – Dr. Lee Kirby

Dr. Lee Kirby from the CanWheel Research Team published his new book, Wheelchair Skills Assessment and Training.  As part of the Rehabilitation Science in Practice Series,  this book goes into the protocols for the assessment and training  of wheelchair skills. It is based on the Wheelchair Skills Program that has been accessed and utilized by over 75,000 people in 177 countries since 2007.

Click here to see more:

Wheelchair Skills Assessment and Training – Dr. Lee Kirby.

CanWheeler, Emma Smith, wins “Most Moving Demo” at the 2016 AGEWELL Annual Conference

Congratulations to PhD Candidate, Emma Smith, on winning the “Most Moving Demo” at the Drinks & Demos event at this year’s AGEWELL annual conference in Montreal.

Emma’s presentation:

CoPILOT Remote Tele-Operator for Powered Mobility Training

“Learning to drive a powered wheelchair can be difficult for older adults with cognitive or memory impairments. In consultation with clinicians and wheelchair users, we developed a remote tele-operation device (CoPILOT) and training program to address the needs of this population. CoPILOT allows a trainer to share control of the wheelchair with the learner to provide demonstration, error-correction, and graded learning activities. This allows the training to be individualized to the person’s learning needs, promoting safety, and potentially reducing anxiety associated with learning. In this session, we will provide a demonstration of the CoPILOT remote control on a powered wheelchair.”

img_2374                 img_2380                                     img_2368

Congratulations to Dr. Krista Best!

Dr. Krista Best has received the Craig H Neilsen Psychosocial Research (PSR) Postdoctoral Fellowship. This two-year Postdoctoral Fellowships encourage early-career mentored training to increase professional interest in the field and to encourage researchers from related health disciplines to undertake training in psychosocial research focused on spinal cord injury.