Welcome to CanWheel

Our team of 18 clinical researchers and basic scientists have developed a program of research that will use a mixed-methods approach, including lab-based, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, spanning 5 key research projects. These projects will ultimately converge at the end of the 6-year CIHR emerging team grant (2009-2015) when we will leverage our results into a new proposal and funds to conduct a randomized controlled trial in year 7 of the team’s existence. Our plan is to assess the effectiveness of our new, collaboratively-controlled wheelchair, in combination with the Wheelchair Skills Program, using the outcome toolkit we will have validated during the tenure of this team grant.

From left to right: Top Row: Dr. Bill Miller, Megan MacGillivray, Brodie Sakakibara, Ian Dewancker, Pouria TalebiFard, Dr. Jim Little, Dr. Ben Mortenson, Paul Oramasionwu, Dr. Junaed Sattar, Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Dr. Lee Kirby, Dr. Alan Mackworth. Middle Row: Dr. Joelle Pineau, Dr. Rosalie Wang, Krista Best, Laura Titus, Alex Korotchenko, Dr. Louise Demers, Dr. Francois Routhier, Ed Giesbrecht, Beomjoon Kim, Koosha Khalvati. Bottom Row: Elmira Chan, Dr. Jaimie Borisoff, Dr. Bonnie Sawatsky, Dr. Pooja Viswanathan, Bita Imam, Dr. Claudine Auger, Cher Smith, Dr. Paula Rushton, Debbie Field, Dr. Jan Miller Polgar. Not Pictured: Dr. Laura Hurd Clarke, Dr. Parnian Alimi.

Improving wheeled mobility of older adults.